If you were suddenly injured or became seriously ill, who would know your choices and what is important to you with regards to your future medical and personal care? Guest speaker Lesley McLeod from Metro South Health got us thinking about this question during her discussion on Advance Care Planning and made it very clear to all members that it's never too early to plan your future health care. 
Advance Care Planning is entirely voluntary and is the process of thinking, discussing and making decisions about your future medical and personal care wishes ahead of time for when you are unable to communicate them due to age, illness or injury.
As part of an Advance Care Plan the following can be completed: A Statement of Choices which documents your wishes, values and beliefs to help those close to you make health care decisions on your behalf and provide them with peace of mind in doing so, knowing exactly what you would have wanted; An Enduring Power of Attorney; and An Advance Health Directive which records your wishes with regards to the provision of life sustaining measures in specific situations. For more information visit www.mycaremychoices.com.au